Weapon of mass distribution

Rapid Fire Survey Distribution

Get more bang for your buck! With Surveo you can distribute your projects to hundreds of contacts with just one click, simply select the right contact list for the campaign. Easily create new contact lists or import existing lists to suit your survey.

Rich Arsenal of Email Templates

Choose from many preset templates which deliver vibrant and personalized content to your contacts using any email client. Simply select a template to match your company style. You can customize the standard text or even create new templates if you want to.

Easy Tactical Campaign Management

Use the intuitive interface to easily create new campaigns. Just specify the subject, sender, reply to, and a new or existing contact list. You can easily monitor the current status of all campaigns and edit any that have not yet been launched.

Stone Cold Facts at a Glance

Keep an eye on the progress of your campaigns. The Email Distribution Dashboard keeps you up to date with exactly what's happening as it happens and allows you to compare these results with previous campaigns.

  • How many opened the email
  • How many unsubscribed
  • How many started the survey
  • How many completed the survey